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Delivering the highest levels of protection without compromising performance or control is deeply embedded into NETASQ’s DNA. Our unique IPS-centric architecture has always allowed us to inspect traffic flows in more detail, and with greater processing speed, than other solutions on the market. Read more


NETASQ can detect the tell-tale signs of suspicious activity through analysis of the behaviour and context of the traffic. By understanding the protocol and context of a given data flow, the number of subsequent signature look-ups is vastly reduced resulting in far greater performance and detection accuracy. Read more


Thanks to the industry’s most intuitive web-based management and step by step wizards, administrators are guided intelligently through the configuration process while real-time alerts reduce the likelihood of misconfiguration and the potential security holes which could result. Read more

London, 11th June 2012
IT security pioneer NETASQ, continues to prosper, posting strong profitability in 2011 Read more

Unified Threat Management - without compromise

Unified Threat Management and Next Generation Firewall solutions have evolved to address the fundamental need of IT managers to maximise both security and its return on investment. The proven answer to this challenge is to consolidate multiple technologies in a single all-in-one solution.

While such consolidation can significantly reduce costs, many UTM solutions, while performing acceptably as firewalls, struggle to maintain adequate performance when other critical protection such as intrusion prevention is enabled.

NETASQ UTM solutions come with all critical levels of protection enabled by default and due to their unique architecture, deliver this protection without compromising performance or control. Read more


With over 75,000 unified threat management firewalls deployed to business, government and defence organisations of all sizes, NETASQ delivers solutions of unrivalled performance, protection and control and the most comprehensive EU and NATO certifications of any firewall.

Founded in 1998, NETASQ’s mission is to deliver the best solutions to address this challenge. Read more


NETASQ’s founding vision was to realise that winning the attack / prevention arms race would require technology capable of intelligent, real-time, deep analysis of the traffic flow. Only with such an approach is it possible to pre-empt new attacks before they appear in the wild.

The key to realising this vision was the development of a highly efficient attack prevention engine, which today forms the basis of our intrusion prevention system. The next inspiration was to embed this engine directly into a hardened BSD–based operating system, thus reducing the load on the processor and maximising data throughput.

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